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Recycled Incinerator

This incinerator was built in 1954 to burn the overwhelming amount of garbage the city of Montreal didn’t know what to do with. There were already two existent incinerators, but they clearly didn’t suffice. This building wasn’t used for a long time though. By 1978, the city had decided to stop its functions, because it was strongly polluting the surrounding area. Since then, some of the parts (roof, floor, etc.) have been renovated and it now serves as a garage, workshop and warehouse for the city of Montreal.

Isn’t it beautiful??© Sophia Khmil

A glimpse of Miami

I was very lucky to pass by this strange facade of a strip club just when these two cars were parked in front of it. They seem exactly like the two perfect candidates to be parked under a tacky painted paysage of this sort..



Abandoned garage in St-Henri

© Sophia KhmilThis image was taken last fall in the past working-class neighborhood of St-Henri, Montreal. It is the first photo for my graduating portfolio, which will be about abandoned or simply derelict places that have escaped modernization. Gentrification has been affecting this neighborhood for many years now, and most of the factories and old buildings from the past century have either all been turned into condos, or are in the process of being demolished for that same purpose.

I want to capture some of these beautiful, although decrepit places around the city of Montreal, before they get swallowed up to be replaced by modern and polished facades. However, this portfolio will also portray various non-abandoned places around the city that seem either out of place, out of a different era, or simply built in an odd environment.

Putin…Hands off Ukraine!

Montreal’s Ukrainian community (myself included) protested at the Russian consulate today. Now that Ianoukovitch is finally gone, we were all hopeful that the situation would calm down and the country would be able to get back up after over three months of demanding his resignation and the end of corruption.

After the bloodshed of the past weeks, the Russian army invading Crimea is definitely the last thing we need. What right does grand president Putin have to make such a decision? He is corrupt beyond belief and completely out of his mind. Naturally, every other country is quick to denounce his actions and demand he refrains from making such a decision. But who will really do something to stop this fascist dictator from doing as he pleases? Freezing his bank accounts and calling emergency cabinet meetings will not solve this issue. Maybe, hopefully, peaceful protests all over the world will.

Hibernation, phase two

Phase one was December and January. Wrapping up my food portfolio, first vernissage, holidays, back to school…..this period is just much too cold and depressing for me to do anything other than what I am obliged to do. Now begins phase two of hibernation, the more positive one where I start to actually think about getting out of my cave.

And so I started shooting for my second and final portfolio with a Mamiya RB67. Medium format color film. I was mostly inspired by Kevin Bauman for this project, who has shot so many fantastic abandoned houses, churches and other places in the city of Detroit. My portfolio will be a series on places in and around Montreal, that look kind of sad but beautiful at the same time. Most of them won’t actually be abandoned, considering the fact that everything decrepit here turns into condos almost overnight. However, I have found some gems around here that are very worthy of being photographed IMHO. I will post the first few of the series sometime this week.

These photos are from a weekend spent in Chertsey, small town about 50 miles North-West of Montreal. I used to come here every summer when I was younger, but never came in the winter. I was really amazed by the calm, quiet and beauty of this place all covered in snow..


Chocolate vanilla iced cupcakes :)

Most recent shoot for my portfolio….two more images to go and I’m all DONE! For this semester at least.

We have our first exhibition this Wednesday night. It’s been pretty nerve-wracking and hectic in the photo department these past weeks, but it will probably be worth it!


The cat’s morning

© Sophia Khmil


The Stanfields, a rock/celtic/bluegrass band from Nova Scotia, played an acoustic set at Quai des Brumes bar in Montreal last week, with Town Heroes as the opening act. Both were amazing live, had a great stage presence, strong energy and of course, played fantastic music…

“The Stanfields play every show like it’s their collective last night on earth. Their kitchen party harmonies, thunderous rhythm section, high-octane stage show and genuine chemistry have won over audiences clear across the nation.” quote from their YouTube page.

From the many shows I’ve been to, I can definitely say that gigs in small bars and pubs are really the best ones. The atmosphere is so much more intimate, relaxed and unique, compared to the sold-out enormous arena concerts! Check out one of my fave Stanfields songs here :)


Blueberry chocolate chip pancakes!

This was probably one of the most mouth-watering shoots that I’ve ever done. Yes, I suppose I could (and should) say that about each one of my food shoots, but this one was particularly yummy looking! Especially since these pancakes were my breakfast and I was starving…
Definitely printing this veeery large for our first vernissage in December!

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